About Me

Shawn Lin – For TDSB School Trustee Ward 13 (Don Valley North) 

Shawn’s passion for education and teaching came from his Ph.D. research after finishing his Master’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. He has since helped hundreds of post-secondary students achieve their academic goals during their university years. Throughout his years of teaching experience, he also has developed an assorted set of skills including not only outstanding academic achievements in the education field, as well as in the fields of Project Management (PMP) and Engineering(P.Eng). This diverse expertise has given him a unique advantage for the challenges in several specialties.

As a private school Math teacher and a father of two daughters, Shawn believes that the role of education is not only teaching the knowledge of a subject, but also helping students build building up their confidence to overcome the various difficulties they may encounter and to fulfill their pursuit of their lifelong dreams.

One of the most important areas Shawn has been focusing on is improving our children’s analyzing, leadership and decision-making capabilities. Shawn is very pleased to help many students in our community pursue their academic dreams at the top universities both Canada and the United States.

Shawn deeply understands that leadership, knowledge, hard work, and giving back to the community play a very important role in a person’s daily life. With his diverse experience, he’d love to be your “Education Hotline”: a communication between our students, parents, community and the TDSB.

Shawn has decided to run his campaign for TDSB Ward 13 School Trustee, because he’s concerned about students’ academic especially in mathematics; as well as the school safety after the legalization of marijuana.

Shawn believes the schools in Ward 13 can do better.

Together let’s make Ward 13 a strong community where our kids learn more, grow stronger and are more prepared for a successful future.